Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The DEMAND and uses for Yacker Tracker is growing in ways we never imagined!

Users of Yacker Trackers are growing, and in ways we never thought. Yacker Tracker started out as being a simple tool to help teachers gain noise control in their classrooms. Yacker Tracker is now sold in almost every country in the world and used in such imaginative ways, some frankly, never expected. Exciting!

In schools they've had great success with thousands of classrooms using them to monitor sound, but school employees are an imaginative lot. For example, schools for the deaf are using them as a visual reminder to students and school cafeterias are using them for group noise control. Speech teachers and theatrical companies are using them to measure projection and even Toast Masters have used them for both projection and length of speech as well.

Of course it's been well known that hospitals are using them not only in their nurse’s stations and waiting rooms, but did you also know that they are being used in their operating rooms as well?

Business offices have started to use them to quiet overly noisy workers. Railroad lines are using them to test the effects of noise on certain towns and housing tracks. Some city council chambers have used them to monitor the length of speaker's presentations and Trader Joe's have used them as a decoration for themes in their stores.

How will you use your Yacker Tracker? Set your imagination free and be sure to let us know in what ways you use the Yacker Tracker. And, if you'd like to join in and let us know you have used Yacker Tracker in some innovative and/or unusual ways you use it, please contact us and tell us all about it. Send us a picture and we will post it!!

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