Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Respectful Sound Level in Waiting Rooms

If you’ve ever been in a hospital waiting room, or a waiting room in a doctor’s office, you know that they can be busy places. Many people are concerned or stressed-out and though they may seem to be anxiously looking around, they are relying on a sense of quiet and calm to allow themselves to think clearly.

Many waiting rooms have video screens or televisions to offer some focused diversion. As you know, you will also see people on their laptops or reading books, or checking their cell phones. Some people pace and some people seem to just stare out a window or at their shoes. Whatever they’re doing, a burst of noise or a continuing high level of noise can be invasive and disturbing. Even if that person is just waiting for a regular office visit, no one likes to be jarred.

Many hospitals and medical offices have found great success using Yacker Trackers or Deluxe Yacker Trackers in their facilities. They allow a level of sound deemed appropriate for the environment. When the very easy system is set up for use, and the sound level selected, there is no embarrassment in someone being told to be quiet, or to go outside, and no one is glaring at a noisy person. They make the experience easier and more pleasant for everyone.

Please see our Yacker Trackers to choose the one that’s right for you. And of course there are many other uses for them, as well. Yacker Tracker Uses will take you to our idea page.

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