Thursday, March 9, 2017

Quiet Promotes Healing

Did you know that hospitals are graded on the issue of noise in surveys about patient satisfaction conducted by Medicare? That’s how serious an issue it is. St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, New York, installed its first Yacker Tracker in 2007 in its cardiac care unit. They saw patient satisfaction increase in a matter of months. The hospital smartly synchronized the overhead lighting to the Yacker Tracker, so when the device indicates that the acceptable level of noise has been reached, the lights dim.

At the time of installation, Rita Romano, then the director of environmental services said, "We recognize that a healing environment is a quiet environment. Patients in a quieter environment heal better." Romano went on to say, “Staff may become distracted or have trouble hearing orders. Noise in the environment can contribute to medical errors."

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association points out other dangers of too much noise. It can increase blood pressure, harm a developing fetus and make it difficult to sleep. We all know that even healthy people don’t perform as well with a lack of sleep. There are so many articles and studies about sleep deprivation and all of them mention serious health effects.

The Yacker Tracker can be indispensable in healthcare environments. If you consider a loud paging system, or intercoms, or the raised voices of some staff members and visitors, or carts rolling down a corridor, or even laughter coming from groups gathering in hallways, you’ll understand how noise can become a very real distraction. It’s the last thing anyone needs. It has also been pointed out that patients don’t like to hear staff having personal conversations. It makes them feel as if they are not a top priority. 

Please see our Yacker Trackers to choose the one that’s right for you and your work environment. If you think about the unwanted noise in your daily life, you will probably thing of other uses for a Yacker Tracker. We have thought of some of them, too. Yacker Tracker Uses will take you to our Idea Page. If you click on our Blog you will see even more ideas. (We never stop thinking about you!)
We hope that we can be of help. Everyone is entitled to some peace of mind. And that’s usually accomplished in a quieter setting.

To your health!

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