Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Yacker Trackers are being used for so many helpful and innovative ways!

Over the years we have been thrilled to have our invention being used in classrooms, school cafeterias, hospital ICUs, nurses stations, waiting rooms, deaf schools, business offices,  and even Trader Joe’s! Lately we have been hearing of new and imaginative ways in which the Yacker Track and Deluxe Yacker Tracker are being used.

Here are just a few of the comments we have received.

“We use the Yacker Tracker at our fitness facility. It helps us determine how loud to keep our spin music which is next to a Child Care COOP room. When the red light illuminates, the instructor knows to turn down the music. It’s fantastic!

We love the Yacker tracker here at the MWR Fitness Center in West Point, NY. However, we loathe replacing the batteries. Is there a way we can purchase the 9VDC power cord to plug in?” It never came with the order."


“I am a police officer and use the lights to teach traffic safety. Do you think the new Yacker can be wired to cycle with a three way toggle switch?"


How will you use your Yacker Tracker? If you'd like to join in and let us know you have used Yacker Tracker in some innovative and/or unusual ways you use it, please contact us and tell us all about it. Send us a picture and we will post it!!

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