Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Yacker Tracker featured in Chico Enterprise-Record!

Did you know that the Yacker Tracker was featured in a newspaper in Chico, California? Learn a little bit more about the Yacker Tracker, its success in the classroom and a little bit about Fran in this article.

CHICO – The stop light turned red Friday after recess, setting off the Yacker Tracker siren in a first-grade classroom.

The 6- and 7-year-old students at Marigold School knew that meant they were being too loud. But they didn't know a Chico woman invented the machine.

Teacher Brian Holderman said he first saw the Yacker Tracker in a colleague's classroom and learned that a friend, Fran Rebello, conceptualized, designed and sold the device. So he called her, got one and started using it in his classroom about five years ago.

"I think first-graders forget how to whisper," Holderman said.

The machine is shaped like a stop light, with lights that illuminate at an OK noise level of green, somewhat noisy at yellow and too loud for red, which sets off a warning. The decibel level can be adjusted depending on desired noise level.

"It puts the students in control," Rebello said. "It's self-monitored. So the teacher isn't always telling them to be quiet.”

Read the full article at Local inventor catches eyes, ears, national attention.
Original - By KATY SWEENY - ChicoER

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