Monday, May 23, 2016

Troubleshooting Your Yacker Tracker

Whether your Yacker Tracker has been working perfectly until now, or you’ve had an issue since you first got it, we hope that the following will help.

First things first! Did you read all of the instructions completely? If you can’t find what you did with them (don’t worry... it happens), you can read or download them from Our Site. Just click where it says “Original Yacker Tracker Directions when you get to the page. For Deluxe Yacker Tracker instructions visit This Page and click where it says “Deluxe Yacker Tracker Directions”.

You’ll want to check the location of where you
’re using your Yacker Tracker. Try it in different locations in the area where you are using it to make sure that it’s not being obstructed by anything. You don’t want to place it behind anything where the microphone could be blocked and you don’t want to place it near a door where people will be coming and going. You also don’t want it next to a whiteboard where the sound of writing might be intrusive. Try it on a wall and see if that doesn’t help.

Are you using the correct adapter? The Yacker Tracker is designed to be used with the one included with the unit. Input: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz, output: 97 DC 500 Ma. Using an incompatible adapter may damage the unit. Make sure the adapter is plugged into the unit and the power cord is plugged all the way into the power outlet. If you’re using batteries, make sure they’re in the correct position. Try fresh AA batteries. The unit takes 6. Please note that before installing batteries you must unplug the adapter from the electrical outlet.

If the siren isn’t working, make sure that you’re in Siren Mode by pressing the mode button to toggle through the various options.

If your personal message isn’t working, try recording it again. Press and hold the REC button (don’t let it up!) and start recording your message into the microphone after you hear the first beep sound. Your recording will stop when you either release the REC button or when you hear a second beep beep sound after 15 seconds.

If none of this solves your problem, you may want to return and exchange your unit. Proof of purchase receipt will be required. If you would like to check with us first please fill out this Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for using the Yacker Tracker. We truly appreciate your business!

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by AGI – Attention Getters, Inc™
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