Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Curb Residential and Party Noise!

You are no doubt familiar with Airbnb by now. It’s a worldwide company that deals with homeowners renting out their homes for short-term rentals. (There are a few other companies in this business now as well, but Airbnb is the most well-known.) It’s appealing on many counts, but more and more reports are surfacing publicly about the damage, both perceived and real, that the short-term renters are responsible for. One of the biggest complaints, lodged by neighbors and neighborhoods of the rentals, is noise.

It’s normal to want to go on vacation and party. Kick off your shoes and have a great time. But frequently the kinds of parties you might have in a short-term rental aren’t the same as the ones you’d have in your own home. In your own home you know your neighbors and you probably don’t want to disturb them until the wee hours of the morning with your revelry. You might make them angry and they might even call the cops! And this could easily affect your relationship, which up until now has been pretty good. In a short-term rental you have no idea who is next door or down the street. And you’re not staying for that long, so..... whatever.

For both the owners and the short-term renters to make this work, we suggest installing at least one Yacker Tracker in the rentals. Set to an appropriate noise level for the neighborhood, and it will serve as a gentle reminder about when normal noise is too much noise. See if you can put the use of the Yacker Tracker(s) into your rental agreement. This might make some people think twice about renting, but they’re really not the people you want anyway. You want responsible renters, who will respect your property and its surroundings.

It will serve you well to be discerning in whom you rent to. While Airbnb can be a great way to generate some added income, you don’t want it to cause any problems or cause anyone to try to stop you from taking advantage of it. Yacker Tracker will help smooth the way for all of you to make the best of this experience!

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